This is a new theatre company working on the Ragged Edge…
                                                                      Of ideas
We want to make work that deals with the less obvious aspects of issues and ideas – to make fresh and engaging shows.
                                                                  Of geography
We aim to work in locations and venues that are on the edge of arts provision.
                                                                 Of the economy
We lament that funding for the arts is scarce – which affects the audience and those making the work – but we want to celebrate the power and creativity of theatre with quality shows.

Ragged Edge aims to develop new work that will have an appeal because of its originality, quality and contemporary relevance.

In its work Ragged Edge recognises that the local delivery of live performing arts is important in maintaining the quality of life in a thriving rural community because:

  • It provides access to the arts for those that may not have the means to travel to venues in the nearest urban location (particularly important in economically challenging times).
  • The work can aim to be relevant to and appealing to rural communities and their culture.
  • Live performances can be valuable opportunities for communities to come together and share experiences – which maintains and builds strong community relations and combats rural isolation.
  • Live performances can encourage tourists to the rural community thereby supporting existing local business in building and developing a destination economy.